While the Arcadia is known as the ‘Magic City’ many of the jobs in the city are non-magical. Business owners, craftsmen, civil servants are just a few of the many jobs that can be found not including things such as crafting magick items and preforming magicks. That said their are some unique jobs that can only be found in Arcadia.


The builders of everything non-magical in the city from cakes to brooms to shirts to buildings. Though common for a city their jobs are most vital if you need something non-magical for you and your home. Most craftsmen are willing to take commissions in addition to selling their usual wares.

Crystal Cleaner

Considered to be a luxury service there is high demand for having others clean your crystals, especially around the full moon. Many crystal cleaners can be found on the pier though if you don’t feel like bringing your collection there many offer a pick up/drop off service. For those who would rather just wash their own crystals, a simple process, salt water is also available for sale. Or you know you could just grab a bucket and get some from the ocean.

Sex Magick Casters

While Arcadia has a healthy appetite for sex workers a sex magick casters is something different. These are individuals who will come to their clients home and help them in casting the spell. The idea behind casting in one’s home is that the house will be in harmony with the client’s intentions thus decreasing the chance of the magic backfiring. It is long, laborious work and most charge by the hour. The majority of sex magick casters are freelancers. There are only a few businesses in the red light district that that have casters among with the rest of their workers but even these individuals must travel to the clients homes due to sanitation concerns.

Trolly Car Conductor

Making your way across the city can take some time if you’re on foot or otherwise. That’s why the city has implemented a trolly car network to help citizens get where they need to go in a safe, timely manner. They are essentially the bus drivers of the city.

Candle Makers

Candles are an everyday part of life in Arcadia. Many magicks rely on them and many people just like the ambiance that they create. Candles are easier to find given that there is a seller every couple of blocks. For those who actually make their own candles the market is competitive. There are many families who are well established as making reliable, steady candles for magicks and consumers are known for being wary of new, unknown makers. In more recent times candle makers and sellers have seen a slight dent to their profits due to an increased interested in luminescent crystals as an alternative to candle light.


Most people don’t like having their pictures taken in the city. Many worry that by having their likeness captured it makes it easier for others to place hexes and curses upon them. In that same breath some people love the thrill of having your picture taken as well as having that moment captured forever (e.g. Apple live photos). There are only a handful of photographers in the city and most of them live quite comfortably.

Rooftop Farmer

The fact is there isn’t land available for growing crops. While many produce and herbs come in by train and ship many locals wanted fresh produce. Their solution was to turn their roofs into farms. First started by the wealthier locals this has become common practice for many residence. Still many use the farms for personal use selling whatever excess the may have.


Not all herbs can be grown on a rooftop, many can be found within the dark forest and a few down in the sewers beneath the city. Working as a forager is high risk, high reward job. Not only are their the dangers of the environments where the herbs are found but there are a fair number of plants that resemble one another and if the mistake is not caught by the seller or the forager the results could be deadly. That is if you make it out of the forest in the first place.


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