(This page will be updated several times before game starts. Thank you for your patience.)

Old Town ($$)

The oldest part of the city.

Shopping District ($$$$)

Clothes and other crafted items.

Red Light District ($)

Home to the best brothels and night clubs in the city, most predominately the House of Cards.

The Village ($$$$$)

All them rich bitches

The Pier ($$)

Shops and ships

The Dark Forest (-)

It’s difficult to miss the forest that surrounds most the city.

Town Square ($$$)

Gathering place as well as home to the government

Dank Alley ($)

Where not quite legal things are sold

The Sewers (-)

Why do you want to crawl around in human waste?

The Parks (-)

Yes someone was smart enough to put parks in this city. So smart in fact they put three.

University ($$$$)

Where people go to learn shit.

Stadium ($$$)

Where all the fun stuff happens

The River Front ($$)

Home to river based trade as well as cafes and niche shops.


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