There are many tools one can use to cast magicks. However it is important to remember that whatever the magick is symbolism is always going to be one of the strongest tools a caster has. Creative casting can be just as powerful, if not more so, than using the right herbs and candles.


Candles can be used alone for the most basic types of spell casting (making a wish before blowing it out) or as part of a ritual to amplify the caster’s energy. Generally candles are single use only unless for some reason you are trying to convolute your new spell’s intention. To state an intention the caster must carve into the candle.




Every witch and wizard knows when they come of age they will be gifted with their own grimoire. Here they can keep their spells with notes of what has worked and what has not.


The variety and the many ways herbs can be used makes them the most versatile of all magick tools. They can be burned, eaten, used in spells, or even just placed in your pocket.

Magical Alphabets/Runes

The magical alphabets are one of the most flexible and versatile tools a caster can use. Most often used for casting circles the alphabets can also be used for imbuing, foreseeing, etc. If a caster can think it, they can do it.

The Moon

It is well know that casting during different phases can enhance a spell or cause it to back fire. A waxing moon is the time to cast attaining spells. Casting during the full moon is the best time for casting healing magicks. Spells cast under a waning moon often are banishing in nature. A new moon tends to be a time that many casters take to rest and rejuvenate from spell casting.


A poppet is a doll used to represent a person. Each poppet represents a different person as part of the creation process is that a taglock is placed in each. They are reusable until the poppet is destroyed.


Yep it’s a thing.


Also known as magical links taglocks are the way in which a person is tied into a spell. This could be anything from a bodily fluid to photograph to their name scribbled down on a piece of paper.

Wands, Staffs, Tattoos & Other Foci

Channeling ones innate magick can be a difficult if not dangerous prospect. Luckily over the years magicians have realized that by using some sort of foci the dangers of using one’s magicks are greatly reduced. Many casters are unable or unwilling to cast without their foci. Because of this there are a few place in the city that require foci be surrounded during the user’s visit to them. Those who’s foci are in the form of tattoos are out right rejected. Even those who’s tattoos are not magick based often reject due to old taboos related to gang activity.


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