Spider (Hora 21-36, Vita 1-16)

The sign that ties all of time together, those born under Spider are seen as unifiers. Spiders are often successful leaders, as they are respected and focus on the harmony of a group. Their greatest weaknesses is that they can sometimes lose sight of the needs of individuals as they focus on the greater good.

Bat (Vita 17-36, Elementum 1-12)

Those born under Bat are caring and love to be helpful, but are often misunderstood. They tend to be shy and avoid bringing attention to themselves, and as a result their accomplishments can be overlooked. They make great friends to those willing to get to know them.

Rat (Elementum 13-36, Sentenia 1-8)

Friendly and dependable, those born under Rat are the best to call upon when something needs to get done. They have incredible focus and drive, though at times they can get overly fixated on a task.

Wolf (Sentenia 9-36, Aduro 1-4)

One will never find a more loyal companion than one born under Wolf. Wolves are fiercely protective of their own, and often have strong family bonds. They tend to be suspicious of and slow to trust those they consider outsiders.

Bear (Aduro 5-36)

Often taking jobs as healers and caretakers, those born under Bear are known for their gentle nature. They are the most likely to be seen helping a stranger, or doing something simply because it is “the right thing to do.” Bears can sometimes be over-protective, and have difficulty letting go.

Deer (Forte 1-32)

Those born under Deer often appear meek, but are quick to defend what they believe in, whether with words or force. Clever Deer will use their tendency to be underestimated to their advantage.

Raven (Forte 33-36, Peragro 1-28)

Those born under Raven never do something with brawn that can be solved with a bit of cleverness. They have a reputation as schemers, and with good reason. Ravens are wonderful allies, but woe be to those who find themselves on a Raven’s bad side.

Cat (Peragro 29-36, Animus 1-24)

Those born under Cat tend to be impulsive, relying on instinct rather than logical analysis. They love to explore and experiment, but this tendency combined with their impulsive nature can get them in trouble. Luckily they also tend to be masters at getting out of trouble, whether or not it was their own nature that caused it.

Snake (Animus 25-36, Hora 1-20)

Often believers in the idiom “the ends justify the means,” those born under Snake are sometimes seen as ruthless. Avid goal-setters, once they have a plan in mind they will follow it through to the end. While this can lead to the detriment of others, they are also sources of great progress and change in society.


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