Types of Magicks

Many different types of magicks can be found everywhere in Arcadia.

Healing magicks are practiced within the city though not without some controversy. While most agree that immediate healing to save a life is acceptable fulling healing a person is considered by some to be detrimental to one’s mental well being. Most frequently seen in sports related injuries players who were healed fully by magicks over time began to have trouble distinguishing pain and fatigue. This caused a recklessness that resulted in greater injury as well as death. Many healers practice a healing regimen of natural healing aided by herbs and/or potions to help speed up healing times but not so much to numb an individual of future pain.

Physical Magicks are magicks that create changes in a body either temporarily or permanently. This could be anything like sharpening your vision, bulking up your muscles, increasing your speed as long as your physical self is affected.

Elemental Magicks is fire, air, earth, water and everything in between.

Time Magicks is not only the abilities to manipulate time but also to see both the past and one of the many futures. While powerful is it is thought to be dangerous turning many mages imbued with it mad.

Spirit Magicks is a matter of the dead and the living. Not only can one communicate and summon with departed souls spirit magick is also the ability to be bend and shape another’s will.

Ways Magicks Are Cast

There are many ways magicks are cast. The first and foremost is innate magicks, that is magic that comes from a person. Most citizens have some sort of innate magic though there are few less with a deep pool to pull from. Many people still have to rely on magical instruments, potions, charms, etc. to keep up with those who are born with it. Those lucky few can pull most cast most anything within their spectrum of power. Due to the possible nature of these folks the Arcadia has put into place a measuring system (1-10) for innate abilities. Those rating higher than a 5 on the scale are monitored regularly and expected to come in annually for an assessment of their magicks. Those who fail to show or are seen causing harm are imprisoned.

Wards and the knowledge of wards is treated as we treat locksmiths, only licensed individuals can learn them legally. This is because wards are the city’s greatest protection against the citizens and their magicks. Most buildings are damage proof to a point. Advanced wards can be purchased for a house or business though they are very costly. A note for characters that can fly, some buildings have a no fly zone above them. This can range to dangerous if the roof itself is touched to impassible.

Charms are readily available and can be found in almost every shop. That said most are not of a great quality given their mass production having a limited power or shorter effect time. Greater charms on the other hand are known to last days, even months with powers that rival those of innate magicks. The cost reflects their power. Hexes are the opposite of charms in that they cause negative effects in varying strength and time. While the sale of hexes isn’t outright illegal it is of them on another person for anything other than self-defense is considered a punishable crime. That is if you’re caught.

Enchantments and curses are much like charms and hexes in that they act as the opposite of one another. Both can be applied to people or more often than not things for long periods of time (months to years) with a greater effect either negative or positive. These magicks go beyond charms and hexes not only affecting one’s natural abilities but also adding elemental effects such as fire to a sword or biting ice to a necklace. Enchantments are completely legal form of magic though a rather expensive form. Interesting note, most of the best enchanters have little to no innate magick which some speculate is why they turn to this art form. Curses are outright illegal given that they are solely used to cause others harm. Being caught with a curse or cursed item on your person will almost get you as much prison time as using it. There are those who believe curses should be legal given that they are no more deadly than other magicks.

Potions act like charms and enchantments, they can enhance/diminish the user for various amounts of time. Unlike them though potions don’t need to be to cast onto an item to use as they are crafted through raw materials.

Golems are allowed in the city. Much like magical pets they are limited to one per household after an incident a few years back where a woman almost overtook the city with a magical cat army. The creation and selling of flesh golems is strictly prohibited. While this law went into place roughly 10 years ago there are still a few in the city. Their owners have been allowed to keep them until their deaths where the golems will be disposed of afterwards. This is because much like pets citizens can get pretty attached to their golems. There are golem creators who sell their creators though they must receive a special permit to do so. Again this is to avoid another cat army incident.


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